OCTOBER 3 2013 19:44h

ARCA exhibition of inventions opens in Zagreb

gordan maras




The 11th international exhibition of inventions, ARCA, opened at the National and University Library in Zagreb on Thursday, bringing together about 150 domestic and foreign exhibitors with about 200 inventions.

The show was opened by Enterprise Minister Gordan Maras, who said that a law on inventions would be passed by the end of the year. The law will strengthen the legislative and institutional framework for inventions, the operation of innovative companies and investment in inventions, which the Ministry supports through grants, he said.

The Enterprise Ministry has so far awarded over 78 million kuna in grants for 128 projects to strengthen innovative enterprises.

Maras told the inventors and guests at the opening ceremony that they could see their chances of obtaining the necessary funds in EU structural funds, adding that 1.2 billion euros should be made available in EU structural funds for enterprise in Croatia in the 2014-2020 period, including 240 million euros for inventions.

Maras said that the government recognised the importance of innovative enterprise for growth and overall economic development.

The president of the International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA), Andras Vedres, said that Croatia and its inventors were recognised globally for the quality and applicability of their inventions and that of the total of 112 of the so-called knights of invention this title has been awarded the most to Croatian inventors, namely 27. He awarded this title today to Bernarda Cecelja and Ivan Bracic.

In addition to Croatian inventions, the exhibition also featured inventions from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, and Iran.