NOVEMBER 15 2011 21:26h

Aralica, Tomac and M. Tudjman as baits for right-oriented voters

Zdravko Tomac - Croatian Politician and Writer.




Although he doesn’t show his face too much in public, it is well-know what Ivan Aralica thinks about HDZ. This was no longer the party where he was one of the main ideologists, persistently faithful to the founder Franjo Tudjman. HDZ doesn’t cherish the national interests and the state sovereignty.  The party that leaded the state independence movement, under Ivo Sanader  became the party that bows to the administration from Brussels, the party that is trying to push Croatia into the European Union when it is still unknown if that pull is going to be right or bad for Croatia. For Ivan Aralica HDZ became the party that didn’t take care much about holiness of the National war during the last few years so the Croatian war generals were unfairly  extradited to the Court of Hague only in order to please the European officials. By that act, the party let the judges of Hague to design Croatian history.

Today Ivan Aralica, however, defers to HDZ once again. Same as Ljubo Cesic Rojs, Davor Domazet Loso and other Tudjman’s generals who didn’t see themselves in Sanader’s HDZ, or anywhere near. Aralica certainly didn’t forget all negative feelings he had towards the current setup of HDZ, but a possibility for the left coalition presided by Zoran Milanovic to win over the forthcoming elections obviously was much stronger than the animosity that bothered him as the other right-oriented intellectuals.

By the act of gathering Ivan Aralica, Zdravko Tomac and Miroslav Tudjman in the HDZ headquarters, the boss of the party Jadranka Kosor pulled another move that implies she has been aware of a difficult pre-election situation her party experienced, so she is simply trying to assemble every right-oriented vote into the same box. But this also doesn’t guarantee a better result since, so far, the only thing she can hope for is the election defeat. However, a symbolic gathering of the former HDZ members around the current HDZ setup can, as she calculated, spare her from losing her dignity that would probably follow after she would fall below the number of the parliamentary mandates that HDZ won in the elections on the 3rd of January 2000. That was the first time when this party was defeated from the left coalition presided by Ivica Racan.

The public polls showed recently that HDZ will win a misery of 35 parliamentary seats and for the party boss this situation is even worse than the very defeat. It would be 30 mandates less than in the current convocation of the Parliament and 10 mandates less than eleven years ago, when HDZ ended ‘’on knees’’. That was the time when Tudjman’s party members paid a tribute to their arrogance and the plundering policy which destroyed the economy and hundreds of work positions. Today HDZ is a party that managed to finalize the negotiations with the EU, and Jadranka Kosor is a prime-minister who will have the honor to sign the Access agreement. However, the proportion of corruption that was revealed in the last few months overlaid all, including this historical success. To talk about entering the EU and a meaning of that process is a complete waste of time - words thrown around way too much.

Jadranka Kosor doesn’t have big maneuver space. She doesn’t have any time left either. The investigation against party, initiated right before the elections, won’t disappear and she enters the election within the impossible circumstances. How to ask for the trust of the citizens who were robbed? So she pretend she can do such thing as she gathered every single person that once got separated and departed from HDZ so she could create an expression of the unity and some kind of a strength. Aralica, Tudjman and Tomac are not fans of her work and policy for sure, but by the act of standing next to her, they will try to oppose the wave of the left euphoria. This is the marriage out of interest, as for them, as for her. The goal is to outperform SDP and the coalition partners in the last minute. And if that isn’t possible, they won’t allow Kukuriku coalition to gain an extreme advantage that will enable them comfort reigning during the next four years. They don’t like Jadranka Kosor probably, but they prefer her more than Zoran Milanovic, Radimir Cacic, and especially Vesna Pusic. They consider her stands of Croatia making an aggression over Bosnia and Herzegovina as the red alert.

The support they gave to Jadranka Kosor represent their resistance towards the change of the government and a message to stumbled or confused right-oriented voters that this is a chance when intolerance should be disregarded in order to stand next to HDZ. It is crowded over at the right wing. There are lot of parties and individuals who count on HDZ voters, There are lot of them who see their chance in attenuation of HDZ. Aralica, Tudjman and Tomac should be the bait for the right-oriented voters. If they could suppress the negative emotions, as undisputed minds concerning about the Croatian future, than the voters should do the same thing. Tactic is clear, but the first Sunday in December will show how real it is.