DECEMBER 22 2011 23:14h

A crucifix put onto a “Masonic pyramid” in Zagreb




An unknown perpetrator put a big crucifix onto a monument made by an architect Branko Siladjin which stands in Zagreb, in street of Hrvatska bratska zajednica. The monument is in the shape of a marble pyramid with the top made of stainless steel. It was put there on the 16th November 1995 during a celebration of 900 years of Zagreb archdiocese.

There were many complaints about the monument in the past. On the 8th of March the group of young party members of HČSP gathered around the monument which they called “Masonic pyramid” to warn the public of “the danger of secret societies”. But they deny having any connections with yesterday’s incident. – Our party has nothing to do with this event – the president of HČSP Josip Miljak said.