MAY 11 2007 19:07h

VIDEO: Biggest Stage Perversions


Have a band, and your popularity has fallen? Perverse performances are a real cure to get back into the centre of attention.

Some musicians do not really have talent, or they have it, but were not born under the lucky star, and can not break through, or they simply want to shock the masses to become more popular. On the Croatian scene, this is being done by Let 3 with naked butts singing about pus*ies and d*cks and other parts of the anatomy, and that is why they are the most popular rock band in Croatia.

On foreign stages, the performances are a lot more perverse, probably to the extent that they would be banned in Croatia. In the following examples, get to know the more extreme examples of nudity, provocative speech, simulated or real sex on the stage, and other interesting scene performances.

Lets start with, by today’s standards, a very soft photo. Of course, those are John Lennon and his lady Yoko, the first nude rockers, who were not uncomfortable getting naked in front of the public. This is about the legendary photograph from Lennon’s experimental solo album from 1968. Today, nobody would probably care about that photo, but at the end of the 60s it was another story. Besides the fact that the hippy movement was seen in a negative light to some extent, because of drug use, and “mums and dad” at that time would not let their children listen to a record on which two people are totally naked. John only wanted to share his indescribable love towards Yoko with the rest of the world.

A slightly “warmer” situation happened at a performance by Britney Spears and Madonna, when the two pop divas, as if by accident, kissed – with open mouths, but no tongue.

Take a look at the slow motion version of the kiss in the continuation. It all happened at the MTV awards in 2003, when all of the winners and present musicians were outshone by another provocative performance by Madonna. Just before Missy Elliot joined them on stage, Madonna gave Britney a good kiss, which caught the attention of Justin Timberlake and the rest of the guests in the public. Even though Britney was probably quite happy with the development of a new friendship, Madonna showed once again that she knows when and how to manipulate.


The very popular Marilyn Manson goes one step further, who has recently gained a lot of attention with a new very explicit music video (or erotic film) – take a look at it here. But Manson is not innocent on the stage either. Urinating on the public, receiving and giving oral and anal sex to his bassist, raping a dog on stage, killing cats and other urban myths, are however, not true. But Manson is really a smart boy, who by studying sociology learned to manipulate the masses. During Ozzfest 1997, his performance at the Giants’ stadium in New Jersey was banned, but after a short court battle – Manson came out as the winner. Take a look at a slightly less controversial part of Manson’s explicit speech, in which he says – “The cops did not arrest me, but they blew me”. All of these spicy things are on the DVD “Marilyn Manson: Demystifying The Devil”.


MansonÂ’s German colleagues Rammstein went a step further, who often simulated sex on the stage with an S&M accent, and with that do business quite similarly to Manson.

Also, they create music to shock, and in that way stimulate the audience to really listen to them, but their concerts are really something different. The boys are addicts to huge stages, and that much pyrotechnics, that a saying has been invented: “Other bands play, Rammstein burns!”. It all started more than 10 years ago, when the band simply poured and burned kerosene on the stage, whilst today they are more sophisticated and use at least 10 types of pyrotechnic aids. Take a look at Christiana Lorenza playing the part of a sex slave, during the song “Buck Dich” from the DVD  “Live Aus Berlin”.

The action starts somewhere between the second and the third minute of the show.

The performance of G.G. Allin is so untypical, that it can not find its place in the list of perversions. Of course, and he has his own idols, which (you would not believe) do worse things than he does. But staying with Allin, an average punk rocker, who does not know how to sing, and on top of that is ugly, so instead of giving in to the despair of a failed career, he decided on a more radical approach. Whoever thought that Bare was crazy cutting his head in the club Tvornica a few months ago in ZagrebÂ’s Tvornica, has obviously not seen Allin, for who cutting is an everyday occurrence, but there is also showing his genitals, urinating on the public, rubbing his genitals on the public and public defecation. Take a look at a slightly softer version of AllinÂ’s performance, where he only bleeds and puts his hands in his pants a few times.

The controversial Kristopher Schau and his accompanying band Cumshots provoked quite a media reaction in 2004, performing at the Quart Music festival. During the concert, a young couple got onto the stage, and the guy asked “How far do you want to go to save the world? And without any shame, they both took their clothes off and “went to work”. During sex, a banner was raised says that this couple is making love to save the forests. At the end, the public clapped, and the couple exited the stage. The young couple – Tommy Hol Ellingsen and Leona Johansson, are members of the organization “Fuck for Forrest”, who publicly make love to bring attention to the problem of the forests.

In a more relaxing tone, we will continue with the neighbouring Laibach, who are well known for the Yugoslav incident in 1983, when they performed at the biannual Zagreb music festival, with the British bands 23 Skidoo and Last Few Days. During the concert, Laibach screened video clips from Tito’s speeches and Partizan battles, mixed with clips of hardcore pornography. In that way they clearly stated what they thought of the presence of western avant-garde ideology in Yugoslav society. Of course, the concert was stopped by the police with the help of military officials who “humanely” escorted them to the train for Slovenia.

However, that was only a plus in LaibachÂ’s creativity which gained in popularity.

Unfortunately, the recordings from the concert are not available, so as a replacement, take a look at a part of their song “Dogs of War” from a newer concert.

For the end we give you a very explicit female group Rock Bitch, who has also performed in Croatia, only without big advertisements and media attention. In 1996, the girls started including explicit sex in their scene performance. Up until then, they were like other rock bands, and with time, the male members of the band fell out of the game. So only the quite wild female members stayed, who would do everything before and after concerts. This is why they brought their newly acquired skills to the stage. Their whole video recordings are not available on the internet, but on Rock BitchÂ’s official website you can see some short clips.

Of course, there are many other shocking performers, but they are not followed by the Croatian public or they are too explicit for this web portal.

George Michael made policemen kiss each other in his music video, Jim Morrison stripped naked on the stage, and the queen of pop Madonna was also very shocking wearing a leather suit with chains in strategic places. If you are intrigued by all of this, go on a great internet search of bizarre performances, you will surely find many other musicians seeking money and fame.