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NOVEMBER 9 2009 12:50h

Tom Cruise is trying to move objects with his mind


Bizarre aspects of scientology are being gradually revealed to public. Followers watch images of their superhero, Tom Cruise, every day.

In his book, “Blown for Good” former member of Scientology church, Marc Headley, reveals how the followers of the church frequently had to watch the footage of the famous actor, Tom Cruise, who was portrayed as Scientology’s “superhero”.

Hollywood star is represented as a model who, because of his popularity, brings millions of new followers and Headley only later realized that people outside of scientology do not perceive him as a genius, but as a freak.

Former scientologist also wrote that Cruise, who 19 years ago worked with him, tried to teach him how to achieve ‘mind over matterÂ’ skills. They would spend hours talking to books, bottles and ashtrays, trying to induce them to move.

According to Andrew MortonÂ’s non-authorized biography, the Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is the second in the church hierarchy, just below David Miscavige, Daily Mail reports.

According to this book, all members of CruiseÂ’s large household are church-verified scientologists. The book also claims that Miscavige ordered the scientology headquarters to plant flowers after Cruise entrusted him that he fantasizes about running through a meadow full of flowers with his wife Katie Holmes.

Tom has done a good job promoting scientology in Los Angeles. After the news that Kirsten Dunst has accepted scientology, rebellious singer pink also joined their ranks. It was said that the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Suri, was conceived from sperm of L. Ron Hubbard, the father of Scientology.