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AUGUST 5 2008 11:37h

Sarah J. Parker Cannot Love Her Husband For Ever


Frolicking on the beach, Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband Matthew Broderick deny rumours of a marital crisis.

Reuters-.--.-Sarah Jessica ParkerAfter media writings, stating their marriage was in a crisis, actors Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick fled to a beach house with their little son. Media have been writing about the actors`s alleged encounters with a 25-year-old girl while his wife was filming the “Sex and the City” film.

Paparazzi took photos of them in the Hamptons, enjoying themselves in the beach. The three of them has a great time, as their puppy hopped about. After a wonderful day at the beach, the couple spent some time collecting all the bits and bobs their son James Wilke tossed everywhere.

Some of their friends reacted to media claims about their marital crisis, saying that their marriage was like any other. People fight, but at the same time, they love each other and make up. Sarah Jessica Parker said once that it is impossible for spouses to always agree on certain things.

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