MAY 17 2007 18:15h

PHOTO: Whose Backside is Most Beautiful?


It can be large, small, flat, pointy, with or without cellulite. Generally, it is an important ace in seduction. Backside or bum.

All women struggle with cellulite, stretch marks and pay much attention to their backside.

Many men will drop their eyes when they see a woman with a nice-shaped bum, but lately, more and more women look at men`s backsides. Especially the way they look in jeans.

Many men will say they first notice eyes on a woman, but have you ever heard of someone whistling after you because of your eyes.

It was either because of your bum or your breasts.

Look at some celebrity backsides in our PHOTOGALLERY. Even celebs struggle with stretch marks and cellulite, but be happy because nobody will notice this on you, while their bodies will ornament all media pages.