MAY 8 2007 22:06h

PHOTO: Nudists Occupy Mexico City


The well known photographer caught 18,000 Mexicans in his objective on the ancient Zocalo square.

At Zocalo square in Mexico City, Spencer Tunick gathered 18,000 people who posed for him totally naked.

The American photographer has been previously known for his mass group photos of nude people around the world. The Mexican project broke his own record set in 2003 in Barcelona when 7,000 people posed for him.

Tunick controlled the masses and put them in various poses, the police kept the voyeurs from coming close, and the airspace above the square was declared a no fly zone.

A part of the population considers that this mass appearance shows that the citizens of the capital city of this very Catholic country are less and less conservative.

Take a look at the PHOTOGALLERY from the nude Zocalo square.