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FEBRUARY 11 2009 17:28h

PHOTO: Kylie Minogue`s Relationship Is Flourishing


Kylie recently introduced her ten year younger boyfriend Andreas Segura to her parents. They have been dating for several months now.

Reuters-.--.-Kylie Minogue In Great Britain, Kylie Minogue is the second most successful singer after Madonna. So far she has sold 40 million singles and 25 million albums across the world. 

She changed her image drastically since 1991 when she was transformed from “the girl next door” to a sexy and provocative woman. Ever since she has been viewed as a sex symbol and her fans and the paparazzi follow every move she makes.

Kylie was recently photographed exiting her home in London with a big smile on her face, which you can see in the photo gallery: Kylie Minogue Leaving Home with a Smile