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JULY 14 2007 20:11h

PHOTO: Hot Girls on the Beach in Los Angeles


The beach is the place to hang out in Los Angeles and the place that never sleeps.

Los Angeles is a city whose name loosely translates as “City of Angels.” It is hard to say how many real angels live there, but there are many of those who aspire toward the angelic, perfect look. Los Angeles is almost synonymous with beauty because most of its inhabitants stop at nothing to look like the actors and models who appear on magazine covers.

When we talk about our notion of going out and being seen downtown, we picture the centre of the city and the places where celebrities and those who want to be seen hang out. L.A. is the city with the greatest number of celebrities and those who have yet to become famous. The city, bathed in sunlight and full of sandy beaches, has a great number of trendy spots that are unavoidable to all trend setters. There isn’t just a single place, like our Tkalciceva and Bogoviceva Street or Cvjetni Square, where people come on a regular basis to sip their coffee, peek hidden by their sunglasses and tell the tales of the latest events in the world of celebrities.  

There is only one place in Los Angeles that we can call the place to hang out and that is the beach. The beach is the place that every resident of the City of Angels visits regularly. It is always alive, both during the day and at night. To take a break from famous people, visit the PHOTO GALLERY to see how ordinary residents of Los Angeles look while hanging out on the beach.