APRIL 2 2007 21:32h

PHOTO: Fashion Show Inspired by Nature


Young English designer Matthew Williamson presented his new spring-summer collection at the fashion festival in Singapore.

The 36-year-old was born in Manchester, where he grew up and finished his studies. 

After getting a degree in fashion design, he started a cooperation with Marni. He also worked on the British fashion campaign Moonsoon & Accessorize in London. In his free time, he designed watches, which resulted in an enviable job for The Vogue. Those hired for media promotion were models such as Jade Jagger, Helena Christensen, and Kate Moss. After the show, his career continued to progress, giving him the reputation of one of the most talented fashion designers.

In 1997, he started his own fashion agency. His clients include celebrities from the world of film, fashion, and music:  Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller and Helena Christensen.

His collections are known for his impeccable taste in colour and print. He likes to emphasize contrasting elements when creating fashionable women's clothes. 

For his new collections, he opted for motifs which leave the impression of being handmade. With them, he celebrates mother nature with the elements of the earth. On the garments, we see the sun in the symbolic shape of a sunflower and the element of water in the fish scale details. All this can be seen in earth colours and transparent, supple garments that symbolize the air.

The theme is reminiscent of the 1960s and he celebrates the children of the world in pastel colours of the garments, using the deep earth shades.  

The designs are simple, with an erotic emphasis on women's curves. They can be worn both in the evening and during the day, which makes them the ideal choice for the whole season.