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AUGUST 10 2009 18:17h

PHOTO: 10 Reasons Why We Love Megan Fox


Across the world men thank God for creating Megan Fox, while women sigh and want to be just like her.

The latest appearance of Megan Fox in public, quite expectedly, gave photographers the pleasure of photographing the most beautiful womanÂ’s body, the sexiest actress, and all other attributes she has been showered with. She has been given yet another one at the Choice teen Awards: Hottie of the Year.

In a FHM survey, Megan Fox was in June named the sexiest women in the world for the second time. This is the actressÂ’s second title with which she managed to beat Jessica Alba who found her place on the second spot.-.-Reuters-.-Megan Fox

I think itÂ’s great that men see me as a sex symbol. It wasnÂ’t my intention of becoming an actress so I would be appreciated by how I play chess. Being a part of Hollywood means being attractive, Megan concluded.

But not only men are the ones who love Megan. On a top list published by the Heat magazine, Megan also took top spot.

She left behind Cheryl Cole, Kelly Brook, Beyonce Knowles, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopez, Katie Price and Rihanna.

- We've always known that Megan Fox is a hit with men, but we were surprised at how quickly she has made an impact on women- they consider her to have the most covetable celebrity body – the editor of Heat magazine, Julian Linley, said.

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