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DECEMBER 1 2009 15:40h

My ego cannot handle the fame


There is a certain amount of success that your psyche can deal with said Pattison, who believes that he did nothing too special.

Young actor, Robert Pattison, who became famous for the role of vampire Edward Cullen in the ‘Twilight SagaÂ’, admitted that he agreed to play in ‘TwilightÂ’ just so he could see how Americans make movies.

- Actually I am very worried because ‘Twilight’ is becoming increasingly popular and it is so famous now that my ego cannot cope with it. There is a certain amount of success which your psyche can deal with, but there are moments when you think to yourself and say, “Jesus Christ, what is all this? I did not do anything special!” - Admitted the 23-year-old British actor.

- I just wanted to act in American movie and to get a solid role. I never pushed anything - Pattison said and added that his role was a little easier than others because he was British.

- It is permissible to look a bit worse than others. I think that English teeth are to be blamed for that - the actor joked. Twilight Saga, “New Moon,” is currently playing in all our theaters.