APRIL 19 2007 23:59h

Confessions of a Nymphomaniac


Is sexual insatiability a blessing or a curse? We spoke with a nymphomaniac of this matter and of many more.

-I come to work, sit down and I cannot work because the only thing I can think of is sex. And, objectively, it is not as if I am not having any. I made love to my boyfriend before we went to sleep and once again in the morning, before work. And I am now sitting at my computer, completely, completely wet. Again!- said a young girl who diagnosed herself with nymphomania.

Nymphomania and satyriasis

Hypersexuality is characterised by an increased desire for sexual stimulation, and one can even say it is an obsession with sex. In men, it is called satyriasis, while it is known as nymphomania with women. These are no longer considered as disorders.


Lust is an enhanced desire to please oneself, and sexually speaking, it is an intense erotic excitement, as well as the desire for its satisfaction. In Christianity, it is know as one of the seven deadly sins.  


-I am turned on by all kinds of men: long-haired and short-haired, hairy and vaxed, pumped and scrawny. Sometimes it only takes a word in the street and I want to take him to bed- our collocutor says, describing: -I only want to satisfy myself in bed, it does not matter to me if the partner enjoys himself. I am sure he is having a nice time, but this is not the most important thing for me-.

Relationships and partners

She is very young, only little over twenty. She has had five serious relationships up to now, and a larger number of sexual partners. She is an extremely pretty and tender girl, and at first instance, you would have never thought that a lustful warrior is hiding behind this beautiful face. She says she first had sexual relations at the age of 15, and that she could have had more sexual partners if she wanted to, but she “restrained herself”. Her longest period without any sexual contact was seven months.

He left her last boyfriend because he acted “like a little girl”. –I wanted him to regularly satisfy me, but then he started saying things like I have a headache, I am tires, I cannot, I am feeling sick… and similar excuses. What is he thinking, I need to be satisfied in order to function properly the next day-.

The ideal night

To the question what would her ideal night look like, she answered: -I only want sex, sex, sex, I do not care for rest, I could have sex all night long and go to work normally in the morning, this is the ideal way to spend my time when the rest of the city is asleep-.

Longest sexual intercourse

She says her longest sexual intercourse lasted eight hours, but this was not enough for her, she wanted more, but she sucked all energy out of her boyfriend, then. –What am I to do with him? He could not go on-. This is why they fell out and broke up later on.

Lucky are those who do not need so much and their partners are lucky as well

Although many men dream of satisfying such a girl, nobody has managed to do so yet. Our collocutor would be happiest if she did not need so much sex, if she did not think about it so intensively, if she did not miss it so much. This is why she tells men:- This is no blessing, you have no idea how hard it is to satisfy a girl like me and to satisfy her every day, your entire life-. She believes that a good sexual life with quality is a basis for a successful relationship, adding that she fears nobody will satisfy her the way she needs to be satisfied.