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APRIL 30 2009 17:31h

Christian Bale: I`m Guilty, But They Are At Fault


The new Terminator star, Christian Bale, commented the shameful audio footage, in which he screams at the set crew.

Christian Bale has commented on the audio footage, in which he turns out to be a complete egomaniac. Perhaps he should not have done so.

Three months ago, an audio clip leaked online, in which Christian Bale goes berserk after the cinematography director incidentally walks in the set and destroys a scene from his new film `Terminator Salvation`. Instead of waiting for the thing to blow over, Bale told Total Film magazine that he was wrong, but he still accused the film crew, saying that `fundamental trust` was damaged.

Apology or new egotrip?

It seems that there is such a thing as negative publicity. After the incident, Bale`s popularity suddenly dropped, his fans were disappointed and thousands of people mocked the footage. And someone should have told Bale to keep his mouth shut.

Further on, Bale started talking about ruining the film magic and that it should not be revealed.

- I just don`t think it`s in anyone`s interest to know that much either. I`m actually someone that`s very anti the whole B-Rolls, DVD extras and stuff like that – Bale said.

In the end, it remained unclear whether the Batman star apologised or blamed others for his outburst.

- I`m not making any excuses. I`m not whining. I`m not going [puts on silly voice] `Oh well, if it hadn`t have been for that!`. But it`s that. It`s a creative trust. It`s not a behavioural trust – Christian Bale said in the interview.