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JUNE 11 2008 17:56h

New Bond Girl Is Croatian Stana Katic

Stana Katic and Toby Hemingway




With her persistence, Croatian actress Stana Katic was cast a supporting part in the new James and film. Not even Visnjic managed that.

-.--.-However, the young actress obviously had no intention of stopping at that. She has managed what Goran Visnjic dreamt about. She was cast a supporting part in the new James Bond film.

Viewers remember Stana Katic for her roles in `24`, where she played terrorist Collette, and an episode of `ER`, where another Croat – Goran Visnjic was her partner.

She will be playing vicious Corinne Venaue and loving the villain, who is played by 28-year-old Simon Kassianides.

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