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FEBRUARY 7 2012 18:11h

Handsome doctor ends 'Office' romance

Handsome doctor ends




LOS ANGELES, Feb. 7 (UPI) -- Actor-writer-producer B.J. Novak says a handsome doctor played by Sendhil Ramamurthy will come between Ryan and Kelly on the U.S. sitcom "The Office."

Novak plays Ryan and Mindy Kaling, also one of the show's writer-producers, plays Kelly.

The fictional couple, who thrive on drama, have dated off and on throughout the series' seven seasons.

"We go through a heart-wrenching break-up," Novak told about an upcoming spring episode. "Ryan and Kelly end up becoming bitter enemies in the office when she falls in love with an Indian doctor. He's very handsome and a much, much better match for Kelly than Ryan is."

Ramamurthy's small-screen credits include "Heroes" and "Covert Affairs."